Would marketing automation work for your business?

You’ve probably heard the buzzword ‘automation’ when discussing marketing in the past year. Automation is, as the name suggests, the act of making marketing campaigns automatic through the use of software. But will all business benefit from marketing automation, or are some businesses better off using traditional methods?

For small to medium sized businesses without employees dedicated to managing day-to-day marketing activity, automation can save vast amounts of time. For those who do have marketing staff, automating campaigns frees up their time to focus on developing new ideas or analysing existing ones. SMEs often find marketing automation software cost-effective too; it’s a lot cheaper than hiring an employee to handle sending out campaigns.

If your business is finding it difficult to retain customers, marketing automation can be a real lifesaver. You’re able to create email nurture campaigns that keep customers engaged and loyal. When a customer is particularly interested, the most intelligent software can notify you that it’s time to give them a call. This is also a useful tool for upselling and cross-selling products.

Does your business find it difficult to quantify marketing efforts or measure effectiveness? Automation software does this for you, logging open rates and click-throughs. Automation also offers a simple solution to A/B split testing: allowing you to test two ideas at once and see which was the most effective. This means you’re able to engineer future efforts more intelligently for increased profitability.

Automation doesn’t just have to involve your marketing campaigns; you’re also able to automate your sales pipeline with certain tools like Infusionsoft. By automating your sales pipeline, you’re able to clearly see which leads are at which stage in your process, and know how much revenue you’re likely to see and when you’re likely to see it. It’s a fantastic way for any sales manager to see complete visibility over their team, and for any salesperson to keep in control of every lead.

If your business is finding any one of these areas difficult, marketing automation software like Infusionsoft could be of great benefit to you.

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