Who are you? How to identify your ideal customer

You know who your ideal customers are, right?

No, we don’t mean customers practically itching to spend their money with you, who never utter a single word of complaint and are fanatically loyal to your brand.

We mean your perfect target market; the individuals most likely to buy your product or service.

Everyone thinks they know who their ideal customers are, but the reality is that so many businesses don’t market their products in a way that will attract the attention of the people most likely to buy. By neglecting to do this, you’re throwing away sales.

Begin by looking at your existing customers. For individuals, look at their demographics: age, gender, and location. For businesses, examine the industry, the number of employees, the turnover, and the location of their office(s).

Don’t just stay superficial: drill down into detail (the more, the better). Do your customers have children? What do they watch on TV? What music do they listen to? Where do they spend their free time? By knowing these things, you’ll understand what cultural references you can use, and what will go straight over their heads.

Truly understanding your ideal customer means understanding why they won’t buy from you. This is one of the most important things you can consider, because if you fail to address their objections and allay their fears, they won’t spend money with you. Maybe they think your product is confusing and difficult to use? Maybe they are embarrassed that they need it and can’t cope on their own? Maybe switching service provider is just too much hassle, and they are too busy to consider it? Maybe your product is high-ticket, and they need a little more convincing before they part with their cash? If you address these issues directly, including in an FAQ on your website, you’ll be more likely to secure a sale.

Truly knowing your target audience runs a lot deeper than you may have considered, but genuinely understanding who they are will generate you a huge amount of return in the long run. And that certainly makes all that legwork worthwhile.

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