What To Do If Your Product Isn’t Selling

It’s an absolute worst nightmare: the product or service that you’ve poured your heart and soul (and a heck of a lot of money) into isn’t being well received by your audience. A product not selling might seem like the end of the road, but there are some things you can do to salvage the sale before going back to the drawing board.

Tell more people about it

Your problem could simply be that not enough people know your product exists, in which case… market it! Try PPC advertising leading to your website, boosting your presence on social media, or sending emails out to a qualified list.

Make your message match your audience

Maybe you simply aren’t saying the right things to the right people. Ensure that your message resonates with the types of people you’re targeting, and that you put those messages out on the platforms those people are most likely to use. Your audience could also turn out to be different than you originally thought, so try hosting a focus group.

Use freebies to get testimonials

If yours is a credibility issue, eliminate that problem by using testimonials. Of course, people actually have to buy your product to be able to attest to how good it is, so try giving them away in exchange for permission to use a testimonial or review on your website and in your marketing.

Offer an incentive

If your product is on the pricier side, it may be that people just don’t want to commit to a product or service they aren’t sure will meet their needs. Tackle this issue by offering an incentive like 50% off for the next week or a free gift with every order this month. Make sure to emphasise that there is a time limit on the offer: urgency is key when getting people to part with cash.

Partner with a bigger fish

Instead of competing with organisations already well established in your industry, see if there is a way you could work together. A dual promotion could work wonders for both parties, and their credibility will extend to your business by association.

Try one or all of these solutions, and you may well find that your product starts to fly off the shelves. And if not? You’ll be in good company. Mark Zuckerberg created ‘Facemash’ in 2003 and, despite a rebrand to Facebook, the company still made a net loss of $3.6 million in 2005. It took another 5 years for the site to be the success it is today, as a result of constant fine-tuning and development. And in 5 years, it might be your turn.

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