What do you do if your marketing didn’t work?

Here’s a big secret that some marketers probably don’t want you to know: every marketer makes mistakes. From the biggest London agency through to the sole trader writing their own sales letters, every marketer will come across pieces that, for some reason or another, didn’t deliver results. So what do you do if your marketing didn’t work?

Firstly, identify what you mean by ‘it didn’t work’. Was your email open rate terrible? Did you not make any sales from your product advert? Did no one enter in their details on your data capture form? Define what your parameters for success are, and make sure they are reasonable. For example, a completely untapped (or ‘cold’) list of data is unlikely to buy a high-end product from one email.

Next, think about why it didn’t work. If your email open rate was low, did you write an ineffective subject line, or is your list of data unclean or out-dated? If your product ad didn’t generate sales, did you put the advert in the wrong place for your target audience, or maybe you focused too much on the features as opposed to the benefits? If no one entered in their details, did you forget to add a compelling offer or incentive to convince them?

Once you’ve identified the potential reason why, you’re able to amend your strategy. Make the necessary changes to your marketing plan to reflect what went wrong and how you’ve amended it. Perhaps you need to consider focusing on a different social media platform, send your emails earlier in the day, or look at cleansing your database through telemarketing.

Prevent low results as much as possible in the future by split testing each of your marketing pieces. Produce 2 versions of your emails, subject lines, landing pages and advertisements, and send them to different segments of your list. Then, analyse which version performed better and what the differences between them are. By continuously going back to review your results, you’ll learn the tricks that work the best for your audience.

For more advice on which marketing would work best for your audience, or to help realise what went wrong with your current strategy and how to resolve it, contact the Geeks on hello@focus7int.com or 01462 262359.