The Ultimate SME Marketing FAQ List

Do you have burning questions about how to successfully market your SME? You’re not alone: we’re often asked questions by our clients about their marketing, and have compiled the most frequently asked ones here.

Q: Should I be blogging?

Yes. It’s a short answer, but one we stand by! Blogging boosts website traffic, especially with effective SEO, and depicts your business as more reliable, knowledgeable and credible. Even if you’re not a natural writer, you’ve got professional insight that others would certainly be interested in.

Q: How often should I email my contacts?

This varies from business to business, and depends on your industry, but a frequency of once per week is the standard that works best for many of our clients. 

Q: What’s the most effective method of marketing?

The most effective method is quite simply not relying on one method. Although we sing the praises of email marketing, it works best when combined with phone calls, direct mail, social media, blogs & a great website.

Q: How do I market without spending too much money?

Market to your existing clients: it’s a lot cheaper than trying to generate new customers. Having already bought from you, they should be easiest to sell to again. Try sending out a sequence of 4 emails that include an ‘exclusive offer for existing customers only’.

Q: How long until I see results from my marketing?

How long is a piece of string? Depending on the medium, you might see an immediate response or one that takes months to blossom into a sale. An email with a link to a landing page may not work straight away, but after 3 or 4 emails contacts may be engaged enough to fill it in. We recommend reviewing your activity after the first month to see if things are working, and change things up if you’ve not seen any results. 

Q: How should I be using social media?

Using it at all is a start! Don’t be tempted to spread yourself too thinly across multiple platforms. Start with 1 or 2 that work best (try Facebook & Twitter for B2C, Twitter & LinkedIn for B2B) and try to post something your followers will find interesting every day.

Q: Does telemarketing still work?

Yes! At least, it is when it’s done well. Take a look at Focus7’s blog “Is telemarketing still relevant in 2016?” for more information.


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