The Dr Seuss-inspired guide to marketing

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” Dr Seuss

Don’t nursery children simply play all day? Dressing up and moulding plasticine? We may sound absolutely crazy, but we think that marketers should pay more attention to the behaviours of pre-school children.

You might be surprised to see that they radiate simple truths about how to succeed in business. Watch them closely and think it over, you will be amazed by the timeless lessons that they can teach you.

1. Emotions are stronger than rationale

We’ve all experienced young children crying at the most ridiculous things (we recommend Regardless of what upsets them, an adults’ natural instinct is to fix the problem and make things better.

In the same way that parents connect with their children, we must connect with our customers on emotional ground.

Organisational reputation, brand equity, and value for money are based on logical rationale, which are equally important; but conclusively it’s a strong emotional connection to your customers which makes them buy from you.

2. Have patience and remember that perseverance always pays off

Babies don’t give up. When they first try to sit-up but fail, they keep on trying. When they attempt their first walk, they keep getting back up again.

Children win their small battles through perseverance; using endless patience to try and try again until they succeed.

Marketeers should try and adopt the same attitude. After-all, a single strike never transforms an iron bar into a sword so have faith in your actions. Perseverance and patience will pay off.


3. Keep your curiosity burning

One of the most endearing things about small children is their avid curiosity and eagerness to learn everything about everything. They are never afraid to ask questions and do not settle for “I don’t know why” responses.

Always be curious like a kid; invent new ways to implement your strategies and run your business in exciting new ways, and most importantly, don’t let your natural inquisitiveness die. Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity and the world is your metaphorical oyster.

These 3 lessons make for brilliant marketeers, and represent an ethos that the team at FocusPoint Geeks always work towards. After all – being patient, curious and emotionally connected isn’t just the key to good marketing, but to good business.

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