The Digital Marketing Dictionary: Words You Need to Know

Starting out in digital marketing can seem a bit daunting, especially if you’re met with terminologies you’ve never heard of before. Use our simple dictionary to find the definitions of the most popular digital marketing phrases.

A/B Split Testing: This term means to test 2 variants of a piece of marketing at the same time to see which version is most effective.

B2B/B2C: Business to Business or Business to Consumer. B2B is used to describe businesses that sell to other businesses, whereas B2C describes those who sell directly to the end user or consumer.

Bounce Rate: When used in the context of an email, this is the percentage of people who did not actually receive your email: it ‘bounced’ out of their inbox instead. When used in the context of a website, this is the number of people who arrive on the site but then leave without interacting.

Call to Action (CTA): A Call to Action (CTA) is the action you wish your customer or prospect to take. For example, ‘Click here to receive your free sample’.

Click Through Rate: The percentage of people who clicked through your email, or website, to land on a desired page.

Conversion Rate: The percentage of people who completed a desired action, such as filling in a landing page form.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A CRM is a piece of software that captures and retains customer and prospect data, and the best systems like Infusionsoft also automate sales & marketing to help nurture these contacts.

Engagement Rate: The term used to describe how many people have interacted with your content, and is primarily found on social media analytics.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): A KPI is a measurement used to determine how successful a campaign has been. This could be measured against the number of leads generated, the sales made, or the views received.

Lead Magnet: A piece of content given to your customers in exchange for their details (name, email, etc.).

Marketing Automation: The automatic sending of marketing, such as emails, as part of an overall campaign that intelligently moves contacts along depending upon their actions (or lack thereof). We use Infusionsoft to automate our marketing at FocusPoint Geeks.

Marketing Funnel: The journey your customers take from when they are first introduced to you, to giving you their details, to buying from you once, to becoming repeat buyers.

Pay Per Click (PPC): A form of advertising wherein you pay every time a person clicks on your advertisement. Found on Google, Facebook and other platforms.

Return on Investment (ROI): The tangible return generated by your activity. For example, if you spent £100 on a campaign and it generated £200 in sales, that is your ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Using keywords on your website to help it rank higher in Google searches.

We hope you found our glossary of terms useful! If you’re still unsure about any of the phrases, or you need marketing support in general, give our team a call on 01462 262359 or email for free advice.