The 7 Secrets to Reawakening Cold Customers (and getting new ones!)

Every small business could do with selling more to their existing database. It’s less time-consuming than generating brand new leads, and requires a lot less cash.

So, if it’s so important, what’s the trick to selling to those cold, disengaged customers and prospects?

1. Pick up the phone!

It might seem daunting, but simply picking up the phone to your old customers and prospects is quite possibly the simplest way to re-engage them. This is especially true if you sweeten the deal with an offer. If you couldn’t fathom sparing the time to chat to a whole list, outsource the job to someone who can.

2. Chat them up over lunch.

A business lunch is still an effective way to speak to your customers, and far more of an inviting proposition than a chat over the phone. It’s a lot harder to say no in person, too. Besides, who wouldn’t be more primed to buy from the person who just picked up the tab?

3. Send them something via snail mail.

Direct mail isn’t dead! Its online cousin may be speedier, but it can still have a real impact. Sending something tangible to land on your customer’s desk is a great reminder of your existence…  so long as it’s high quality.

Yes, we know we promised 7. Want to know the rest?

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