The 3 Things You Must Do To Attract More Customers

If you’re looking to attract more customers to your business, there are a few simple strategic things you can do to ensure they start heading your way. These 3 solutions are applicable to almost any business of any size – so why not try implementing them in your own.

  1. Make sure they can find you

Ensure potential customers can actually find your business by checking that your website has great SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is the act of putting keywords into your website text to encourage it to appear higher in Google’s rankings. Other factors can also affect your ranking, such as whether or not your site is responsive (it should be!) and whether you have a blog or video content.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is another great way to get noticed. You can pay to appear in certain searches, or to appear in front of people on Facebook, but only actually part with cash when your ad is clicked on. If you do it properly, it’s a great way to get website traffic. Just make sure you set a budget to avoid spending more than you bargained for.

  1. Offer them something for (almost) nothing

Offer website visitors a chance to receive something of value – known as a ‘lead magnet’ – in exchange for their name, email address and other information. A good lead magnet could be an e-book, vouchers for a substantial discount, free samples, a free consultation… anything with a high perceived value.

Not only will this mean that your prospects see you as a source of credible information, and will be more likely to return to you to purchase, but they have also given you information you can use to find them again. Provided you’ve asked for their permission, you can follow them up with emails with additional offers to encourage them to buy.

  1. Add value wherever you can

Just as the lead magnet presents you as a credible source of valuable knowledge, so too can a good blog. Try and blog about topics that your target market will find interesting, and aim to do so at least once a month (more often if you can!). You can share this blog on your social media platforms to generate traffic.

Alongside promoting your own content on social media, it’s important to share insightful pieces from other credible sources. This positions you as caring more about your audience finding value than just promoting your own content, and is more likely to get people interacting with you consistently. If they interact, they are closer to becoming customers.

Try these methods and see whether you can see an increase in the customers you attract to your business.


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