SME Marketing Matters: how to create your customer avatar

Picture your ideal customer. It might sound silly, but go with it.

What do they look like? Are they male or female, older or younger? What motivates them? What scares them? Where can you find them, online and offline?

Answer those questions, and you’ve started to create your customer avatar. This is the generic, cookie-cutter outline for your target customer. Of course, your real customers may vary substantially from this template, but this targeted approach produces the best marketing.

You’ll always get businesses, and maybe yours is one of them, who say “but my product is for everyone!”. Perhaps this is true – but you simply cannot market to ‘everyone’ at once. If you’re convinced your product or service is perfect for both wealthy housewives and skateboarding teenagers, then you’ll need two separate customer avatars… because these two people require marketing positioned in entirely different ways.

Here are some questions to help you further develop your customer avatar, for use in your sales and marketing efforts:

What problem do they have that you can solve?

Who else, other than you, could solve this problem?

How will you make them choose you over anyone else?

What objections could they have to buying?

How can you overcome these objections?

By identifying your customer avatar and bringing them to life, you’ll be able to engineer marketing messages, offers or competitions to attract those people in particular. This works exceptionally well with software like Infusionsoft, which enables you to segment your database by any parameters necessary – even skateboarding teenagers.

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