SME Marketing Matters: Create your marketing plan in 3 steps

Any marketer will tell you the importance of having a marketing plan. Without a thought-out strategy, marketing becomes sporadic, impossible to track and essentially useless.

Some entrepreneurs become a little overwhelmed at the idea of having to create a marketing plan from scratch, but it’s actually simpler than you think. Here are 3 steps that will help you create the outline of your very own marketing plan:

Attracting potential customers

Establish who your ideal customer is – your ‘customer avatar’. See our blog on creating your customer avatar for a simple guide on how to do this.  Once you know who your customer is, you need to decide on what kind of messages you want to send out to them, and what platform is best to send them on. Are your customers more likely to respond to social media, direct mail, phone calls or email? Once they’ve seen or heard your message, what are you immediately going to offer them in exchange for their details? (Try vouchers, discounts, e-books or entry into a competition) Decide where you’re going to keep track of your new leads for maximum efficiency. Many businesses use Excel spreadsheets, but FocusPoint Geeks recommends the use of an intelligent CRM system like Infusionsoft.

Educating and closing the sale

Establish the objections a potential customer could have to buying from you, and work out how you plan to overcome them. Demonstrate your value to your leads by offering insightful content, through blogs, videos or emails, to reinforce your industry knowledge. Ensure you have a compelling offer (for example, 50% off for the next 3 days, buy one get one free, or buy now for an exciting free gift) to secure the sale. Make sure this offer is for a limited time only – urgency is key to closing the sale quickly before a prospect loses interest.

Nurturing and maximising profit

Once you’ve closed the sale, it’s vital that you begin the process of nurturing your customer towards repeat purchasing. FocusPoint Geeks recently covered this topic in-depth within this blog [link], which includes a list of things you could do to nurture your customers. After a successful nurture, establish what you will use as a ‘profit maximiser’. This is a way to gain more profit from your customers by offering additional services, extra packages, premier delivery options or elite products. After a customer has successfully been nurtured into buying again, make sure to ask them for testimonials or referrals. Encourage this by offering incentives, such as a referral programme or prizes for the best testimonials.

By following these 3 steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a marketing plan that helps generate leads, convert them into customers, and maximise on the sale.

Want someone to walk you through creating a marketing plan in detail? The experts at FocusPoint Geeks offer monthly marketing support to help you create a plan that really works. Find out more today on 01462 262359 or