SME Marketing Matters: 5 ways to market on a tight budget

You know how important marketing is to your business, but you don’t have much of a budget left to spend on it. Thankfully, it isn’t the end of the world – there are ways to market your small business without breaking the bank. Here are FocusPoint Geeks’ 5 ways to market on a tight budget:

Social Media

Social media is a free and easy way to get your brand name out to your target market. Select the platform(s) that your audience are most likely to be found on, and post regular, interesting content to keep them engaged. Monitor your analytics to discover which posts are resonating the most with your audience, and produce more of the same. There are optional paid advertising extras on these sites too, but these are only worthwhile once you’ve started producing quality content.


Featuring competitions on your social media, emails or website is an inexpensive way of generating a buzz. The prize doesn’t necessarily have to be something pricey, just something with a decent perceived value that your target market will enjoy. Competitions are also a great way of adding more data to your list by ensuring a person must give you their name and email address to be eligible for entry.

Referral Programme

Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Offering your existing customers a reward for recommending you to a friend is a cheap way to get new clients. You don’t need to offer them anything over the top, a free product or service may suffice. Just remember, the better the reward, the more likely they are to refer.


Anything that demonstrates your industry knowledge, like blogging, is a good way to build on your brand and make yourself more visible to potential customers. Webinars can be even more effective – and often completely free. Free trials on sites like GoToWebinar [] enable you to showcase your ideas to your audience simply and efficiently. Webinars are also interactive, and a great way to enter into dialogue with your target audience. Remember – don’t go straight in for the sale. Make your webinar informative and insightful, and introduce your product or service at the end.

Email Marketing

Often painfully underused by SMEs, email marketing is an inexpensive way of marketing to your entire list, or targeted segments of it, at once. Demonstrate the benefits of using your product and service in interesting ways, and make sure every email ends with a call to action such as ‘Click here now to receive 10% off’. You’ll be forgiven for thinking email marketing can be time consuming, but intelligent software exists to automate every step to ensure you aren’t wasting time unnecessarily.


Infusionsoft is the software recommended by the marketing experts at FocusPoint Geeks. It automates your email marketing and improves your sales pipeline, all at low-cost with high ROI. To find out more about Infusionsoft, or to hear more about marketing on a budget, contact the Geeks on 01462 262359 or email