Overcoming objections in a sales pitch!

Sales objections. No novice salesperson likes them, but, to seasoned sales professionals, an objection is an opportunity goldmine.

An objection means a buyer is engaged. A potential customer is actually considering your proposal!

It’s just like if you were to create a pros and cons list for something you were considering doing. Whether it be something drastic like moving to Australia to become a professional surfer, or something as small as deciding whether to have pizza or a kebab for your dinner.

Either way, a decision needs to be made. And in doing so, you consider not only the benefits but also the costs. If you were thinking about moving abroad, you’d first have to consider the risk and cost of moving there.

Do you see the parallel to sales? The very fact that somebody is objecting inherently indicates a level of interest. It’s your job to recognize these objections and turn them into a problem solved.

Overcoming sales objections is the key to making the sales. Here are some top tips and tricks to help you close, and make more sales!

Client: “You’re too expensive.”

Your Solution: Continue the conversation down the angle of “value for money”. Yes, you may well be more expensive than leading competitors, but just be prepared to explain why and put your prospects mind at ease.

Client: “Give me more.”

Your Solution: Present the facts! If they want more, give it to them!

Many customers want the perfect combination of exceptional quality, elite service and super low prices all handed to them on a silver platter encrusted with diamonds. It is important you outline the correct expectations for your customers – i.e. what you will be providing for the price they pay. That way, you can avoid confusion and misunderstandings and ensure clarity and qualification.

Client: “Your product doesn’t meet our needs.”

Your Solution: See things from the client’s perspective.

Understanding is a powerful tool when overcoming a sales objection. You may be a great salesperson, and you may be able to sweet talk a prospect into buying once or even twice, but in the end if your product isn’t meeting your prospect’s needs, they will go elsewhere. Pause to evaluate the mindset of your prospective customer.


What do they need and why do they need it?

How can what you offer make their lives a bit easier or their businesses more productive?

When you truly see through your clients’ eyes, you can customise your approach. You’ll begin making points that speak to both their emotions and the logical part of their brains.

Overcoming sales objections may take practice, but your skills will improve over time. Never panic, because it certainly isn’t necessary to lower your price to get the sale. The simple act of customizing your approach will put you on the path toward negating future objections before they even occur.

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