Out with the old: things you MUST get rid of in your business

When you finally venture up into the loft, and tear open old dusty boxes, you’re met with the sight of items that you can’t remember why you ever wanted to keep. The truth is, unless we really look at something, we don’t notice when it’s stuck around far longer than necessary. Because the same is true in business, there are some things lurking around in your organisation that you really ought to be shot of.


Cluttered desk, cluttered mind. Our workspaces are often filled with things we don’t need, especially old files, collateral and paperwork. You may need a better storage solution, but the most cost-effective answer is simply to get rid of things that are no longer usable or relevant. Many businesses ignore this type of maintenance, believing they don’t have time to ‘waste’ on such an exercise, but a tidier office can actually have positive effects on productivity and efficiency.

Negative culture

While not something you can throw out, a negative company culture is certainly damaging. Whether the result of low morale, a lack of cohesion between a team, or a perceived injustice, negative culture can be quick to develop but tricky to shift. Talk to your staff individually to identify the route of the problem, and then structure a plan to combat it. You could start with new staff benefits or incentivising trips. It may sound simple, but rewarding positive behaviour and quickly addressing anything that contributes towards negativity will make a real difference.

An inefficient CRM

CRM systems are the kind of thing we resist changing purely because of the hassle involved. Businesses believe that having an out-dated, clunky or ineffective system is better than the stress and downtime of switching systems. This, however, leaves you with a system that doesn’t cater to the needs of your business. Also, if you haven’t changed CRM systems in a long time, you may be surprised with new capabilities and solutions on offer at inexpensive prices. It may be a good idea to research what else you could be getting for your money – and to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off by old software that has never updated its pricing.

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