It’s not business – it’s personal: How to “Wow” your customers!

As we all know, new customers aren’t always lining up at your door (as much as we wish they were). So, how do you keep the ones you’ve already got content?

Customers are people, and what do people want? They want things that make their lives easier. Sometimes purchasing a product or service adds a level of difficulty to their lives, and they will always choose the smoothest path to resolution.

The goal is always to make it as easy as possible for a customer to make a purchase with you.

The way to do that is to remove purchasing fears, remove obstacles, and make it easy to be a customer. So, here are 3 super easy ways to wow your existing customers on a personal level:


1. This time, it’s personal.

If you have a Google account, on your birthday, a personalised “Google Doodle” appears. While for Google it’s a simple automated gesture, it still has a real personal feel. The same can be said for restaurants that emails out a special birthday voucher. You’re essentially giving potential loyal customers a reward for simply existing! Consider how you could reward your customers with any data you capture.


2. Tom, Dick and Harry!

People become attached to coffee shops where they become known as a “regular.” When you work with a business and the employees behind the scenes call you by your first name, that’s magic. It makes customers feel like they matter; we trust people who know our name, so learn your database, and get to know your customers!


3. I’d like a tall mocha, 1 shot, extra whip, caramel syrup, soy milk, extra hot…

We trust people who know what we like. Don’t begrudge your customers the odd gift that shows you know! If your customers are loyal to you, and spend good money with you, positively reinforce this with goodwill gestures that will leave a lasting impression.

When customers feel like you know and like them as a person, with their own name, likes, and dislikes etc, they will trust you more readily than if you treat them like a stranger every time they walk (literally or metaphorically) through your door.

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