Infusionsoft – The Honest Truth

You’d be forgiven for thinking that software that promises substantial sales growth, complete organisation, seamless customer nurture and intelligent automated marketing is just a business owner’s fever-induced dream.

But, at the risk of sounding cheesy, it really does exist. Infusionsoft is the combined CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing software pioneering the small and medium-sized business space. And it works not only to increase your profitability, but also to save you enormous amounts of time in automation and organisation.

If you’re sceptical that such software exists without fault or negative – you’re right. No software is perfect, and no software offers the cookie-cutter answer for every single business. But Infusionsoft comes damn close.

The Good Bits

Infusionsoft’s CRM capability is second to none. A CRM system allows you to keep all of your customer data in one place, in a way that an Excel spreadsheet just won’t cut it. It’s supreme organisation that eases even the most obsessive-compulsive mind.

Infusionsoft allows you to see the day your customer joined your list, the amount spent within your business, order history, contact information, completed web forms and an immense number of other custom field options. Having used a multitude of CRM systems ourselves, including Salesforce and SugarCRM, Infusionsoft has demonstrated that it really is a cut above the rest.

As I said earlier, Infusionsoft isn’t just a CRM system. Its marketing automation is an immensely powerful business growth tool that ensures your leads are converted, your customers nurtured and your marketing ticks along without the necessity for micro-management.

Infusionsoft, much like its primate competitor MailChimp, allows you to segment your data to send different messages to different groups, and produces automated campaigns that run with just the press of a button. But Infusionsoft’s ‘campaign builder’ gives it the edge over its competitors – the in-built creation took that enables easy campaign creation in flowchart form. You’ll be able to instantly visualise months of marketing on a single page, and adapt said marketing to meet any need with a simple drag-and-drop.

You’ll transform your marketing, but what about your sales? Keeping track of every lead, prospect and existing customer upsell is an insanely time-consuming task. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that does it all for you automatically? Of course, you’ve probably guessed that Infusionsoft offers exactly that. The ‘Opportunities’ tool enables you, and an entire sales team if necessary, to all keep track of exactly how far along each potential sale is in your process. Drive efficiency right into the core of your business, dramatically increasing your profitability.

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The Not-So-Good Bits

Here we go, brace yourself. CRM systems can be pricey… until you examine the ROI. Infusionsoft case studies boast phenomenal ROI, with one quoting a net profit increase of 310% 1, and another growing revenue by 832% [1] and customers by 9200% [2].

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So it’s definitely worth it – but what does it actually cost?

Traditionally, Infusionsoft can cost upwards of £135 a month, with start-up training costs of £962. With FocusPoint Geeks’ Geek&Go package, these costs are slashed to just £499 + VAT, offering you huge savings alongside expert training delivery. Enjoy exclusive access to an entire team of Infusionsoft Certified Partners, helping you to achieve smooth integration and implementation.

Such in-depth software is understandably a little tricky to use at first glance, which is why Infusionsoft themselves offer essential training. We’d also agree that comprehensive training is a downright necessity when using Infusionsoft, which is why it’s included as standard in our Geek&Go package. You won’t feel overwhelmed or out of your depth, as you may have with other software systems.  

To sum it up…

Infusionsoft might not be a flawless solution, but it’s miles ahead of its competitors in features, efficiency and usability. It offers the complete package – enabling you to grow sales, save time, get organised, and wow your customers. And really, what more could you ask for?

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