Increase your current customer spend in 1 easy step

There is one simple secret to increasing your current customer spend, and ensuring that your customers keep coming back for more.


Generating customer loyalty, real loyalty that can’t be lured away with a low price or a free gift, is tricky business. Some SMEs wrongfully believe that such loyalty is reserved only for big brands, but in fact the opposite can often be true. You likely buy from your current supermarket not because you are a devoted fan, but instead because it’s the one nearest to your house, or cheaper than some others. But if another opened closer, or offered better prices on the products you like, you’d be very likely to switch.

Customer loyalty is actually easier to create when using the personal touch associated with SMEs. A smaller business has the benefit of developing one-on-one relationships, wherein customers are greeted by the same staff members time and time again. A smaller business can also add value in their communications with customers that really promote loyalty, such as:

– Vouchers or discounts

– Gift cards

– Free samples/free gifts

– Unique packaging

– Fulfilling orders ahead of time

– A loyalty scheme or referral programme

Simply reminding your customers that they are valued during each communication is the best way to prevent their eyes from wandering elsewhere. This is supported by the frequency and medium of these communications – often but not too often, across email, phone, direct mail and social media.

Increase your customer loyalty, and you’ll find that your customers increase their spend in turn.

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