How to Write a Shareable LinkedIn Pulse Post

These days, anyone can publish a post on LinkedIn’s Pulse blogging platform – a right that used to be exclusive and invitation-only. And although anyone can publish a post, not everyone can publish a shareable post. Your content has to break through the everyday wash and be considered extraordinary in order to be shared by others on LinkedIn. Here’s how.

  1. Be relatable: Speak about a subject matter that individuals will engage with, either because it’s happened to them… or because they want it to! 
  1. Be human: Don’t use business jargon – aim to be as authentic as possible when you’re talking to your audience. You can hear the best writers talk when you read their work. A way to achieve this particularly effectively is to record yourself talking using your smartphone, type up what you’ve said and edit it down to read well.
  1. Tell a story: Since the dawn of civilisation, we’ve used stories as a way to pass on and retain information. If you can phrase your post as a story, and take your audience on a journey, you’ll find they stay engaged until the end. Try sharing an anecdote about your own experiences, and what you did to resolve the issue you faced. 
  1. Make it informative: Include information particular to your experience that couldn’t necessarily be found through a quick Google search. If people find your post to be unique, and to contain teachings that are unavailable elsewhere, they’ll be much more likely to share it.
  1. Don’t sell: It’s tempting, sure, but here’s why you shouldn’t do it. If people know you’re trying to plug your product or service on LinkedIn, they will be less likely to share your post. Understand the halo effect of building your credibility and trustworthiness, and how this will positively impact sales in itself in the long run. 

Finally… just give it a go! Your post will never be shared if you never write it. Make your post different from what else is already out there, and you’ll become a real thought leader in your industry.

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