How to ‘Wow’ your existing customers and make more money

An existing customer is someone you’ve already paid to get, whether through your marketing, advertising, or just your time. That’s why it makes so much more sense to maximise on the profit you can make from an existing customer, than to spend all your time (and budget) focusing purely on acquiring new customers.

An existing customer is not, by default, loyal to you. Especially if you won them by dangling the carrot of price in front of them… someone else could very easily tempt them away with a slight undercut. Loyalty takes time, repetition and brand recognition. So what’s the best way of turning an existing customer into a loyal one that you’re able to sell even more to?

At FocusPoint Geeks, we talk about the ‘lifecycle’ of marketing to a customer. The third stage of this lifecycle is ‘Wow’ – nurturing your customer, and making them feel valued and appreciated, so that they are compelled to buy from you again and again.

The nurturing process should begin within the first 30 days of their initial purchase, ideally through an email sequence, with the occasional piece of supporting direct mail and personal phone calls.

When it comes to added value in your nurturing emails, which should begin almost immediately after the successful delivery of their first order, try offering one of the following:

  • – Vouchers or discounts

  • – Suggestions of recommended items

  • – A free upgrade

  • – A gift card

Make direct mail an important part of your nurture by including one of the following:

  • – A free sample

  • – A free gift

  • – A gift card or vouchers

Remember: ‘lumpy mail’ (mail of an unusual shape that looks as if it contains a free gift) is more likely to be opened, as is something in a coloured envelope or addressed by hand.

Other methods of nurturing your existing customers into loyal supporters include:

  • – Unique packaging or packaging with a personal touch (cosmetics company Lush do this by informing the recipient of which staff member hand-packed their items)

  • – Fulfilling orders ahead of time

  • – Send them a Birthday card, or a thank you card after a referral/testimonial

  • – Start a loyalty or referral programme

By implementing these ‘Wow’ factors into your nurture programme, you’ll not only keep your existing customers, but likely generate new ones through that all important word-of-mouth.

To find out more about how to nurture your existing customers into repeatedly buying from you, contact the experts at FocusPoint Geeks for free advice on 01462 262359 or email