How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Buy More

It is far cheaper and quicker to sell to your existing customers than it is to find new leads, nurture them over time, and convert them into clients. Getting existing customers to return to you for repeat business might seem simple, but it isn’t enough just to deliver what was promised – you need to wow them.

Your customers need to see more value than they expected from your product or service. It needs to make an impactful first impression, go above and beyond what they expected, and leave them feeling positive. If you do this on their first purchase, you’ll find them coming back again and again.

Managing expectations is key to retaining customers. You must under-promise and over-deliver, not the other way around. It is easy to extol the virtues of your service and its benefits until the cows come home to secure the sale, but unless the customer receives exactly that or better, they are unlikely to return. Be as transparent as possible from the outset, and offer them temperature checks throughout their experience to ensure they remain satisfied.

Give them extra bits of value that they weren’t expecting, like a voucher for 30% off their next order enclosed within their delivery, or a free sample for another product. Not only will this make them feel like you went above and beyond, but they are more likely to buy another product as they have received an incentive to do so.

Make sure you don’t take it for granted that they will return to you again. Nurture your existing client relationships in the same way you would a prospect: send them offers; email them to inform them of new products; call them to check that you’re doing everything you can for them. These extra touches will prevent them slipping through your fingers.

Because people buy people, humanise your brand by sending them a personal birthday card, or make a note of the product they buy most and send them a freebie along with a comp slip from the person who packed it. Share updates with your customers about the charitable work your team members get up to.

Most importantly of all, connect with your customers on a regular basis in any way you can. If you develop a real rapport with them, and generate a firm loyalty to your brand, they won’t be lured away by your competition with a slightly lower price or a particularly sweet deal. If you want customers that come back to buy again and again, you need to genuinely care. And you need to make sure they know it.

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