How to generate new leads WITHOUT buying data

Generating new leads is a tricky business. When your current databases is exhausted, and no longer receptive to your efforts or taking too long to generate business, it can be tempting to go out and purchase a new list of data. But, more often than not, you’re buying out-dated and unclean data that isn’t even opted in to your marketing efforts.

Because of this, at FocusPoint Geeks, we try to steer our clients away from taking this approach.

There are other ways of generating leads that, while occasionally time consuming, leave you with a far more valuable end result. One such way is PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), which features your advertisement on search engine results, social media or website advertising banners. PPC can be cost effective, as you only pay for the leads that have actually clicked on your ad. To capture these leads, direct them to a landing page featuring a compelling offer or freebie, alongside a form to log their name and email address.

The landing page concept works well for organic traffic to your website, too. On your homepage, feature a similar data capture box and compelling offer or giveaway, ensuring you quickly snag their details. Failing to do this on your homepage will result in lots of people ‘bouncing’ off of the site without interacting with you, an occurrence known as ‘leaking traffic’. Plug the leak with a simple data capture form!

In the small print, ensure you explain that by filling in your form on either of these pages, the individual is consenting to receiving your marketing. By doing this, they have ‘opted-in’ and you are legally able to message them with insightful or relevant emails to nurture your relationship.

Although this approach does take longer, and PPC in itself can be costly dependant upon the platform, it produces richer and far more relevant data than simply purchasing a list. After all, the quick fix is usually not the best one.

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