How to create engaging ideas for your business

Grabbing attention is one of the most valuable skills in marketing, followed closely by keeping it… You see what interests you may well be different to what makes me stop and take notice, and is likely to be another thing again for the customer you are trying to engage with.

There is an art to communicating well (the words you use, the pictures displayed and the messages shared) but before you start to get creative you need to understand your audience. That in essence is the real secret to developing ideas that will engage and build confidence with anyone.

The good news is that, once you have worked out what interests your perfect customer, it becomes really easy to keep on coming out with ideas that will grab their attention. And once you have your customers’ attention you can begin to build trust, develop a relationship and then demonstrate your value rather than simply tell them about it.

Engaging ideas come in many shapes and sounds; and armed with the knowledge of ‘what interests your audience’ you simply need to deliver them some information. This can be in any number of formats, for example:

  • Stories: People love stories and stories sell. Think about what really motivates someone to vote on Reality TV shows – then look at all the adverts on TV and how there are stories behind them all.
  • Interesting Facts: Most people are nosey. The one thing people love more than quiz shows is being the person who knew the answer; so give your audience new, quirky information about the things that interest them. If you think about it then you could even tie this in with demonstrating how much of an expert you are.
  • Challenges: It is hard to resist controversy. So make a bold statement, challenge the status quo, or suggest that things are not quite the way that people might think they are. One sure way to engage is to stir things up a little and, executed with some thought and strategy, this can be a powerful engagement tool.
  • So in summary: First, understand your audience; then pick a topic that interests them; and finally deliver it in a way which they cannot resist.