How to build your very own Ultimate Marketing Plan

The most effective marketing is not only clever, attractive and out of the ordinary – it also fits snugly into a well-defined marketing plan. But for many SMEs, building this plan is easier said than done. The first step towards cultivating excellent marketing? Developing a marketing funnel.

Here’s the marketing funnel FocusPoint Geeks often suggest our clients use as a foundation to build on:

Marketing Funell FPG

As you can see, the funnel is separated into three stages: the top, middle and bottom. Feeding into the top of the funnel is your traffic, whether generated through social media efforts, PPC, Google, or any other number of ways. The top of the funnel is marked as the ‘awareness’ stage, where it’s important to educate prospects about who you are, what you do and how good you are at doing it. To push them further into the funnel, use a ‘lead magnet’ – a free tool extended in exchange for their details, potentially in the form of an offer or downloadable item.

Your prospects are now in the middle of the funnel, or the ‘interest’ stage. At this stage, it’s important to demonstrate your value enough to convince your prospect to commit to buying from you. A simple way to do this is through the use of a ‘tripwire’, a low-ticket item that offers a slice of your core product offering. It could be a consultation, a short e-course or a tutorial video series. If your prospect purchases your tripwire, they will be pushed to the bottom of the funnel.

It’s time to turn your prospect into a customer with the purchase of your core product. Nurture your prospects with emails and phone calls, explaining how your core product will expand upon the content in the tripwire to help them resolve a pain or need. If you secure a sale here, it’s important not to let your new customer go. Instead, maximise your profit with additional items that your customer can buy to enhance their experience. Maybe it’s extra time with their consultant or a more luxurious product.

Now that your funnel is in place, it’s time to build the rest of your marketing plan. At FocusPoint Geeks, we’ve produced a workbook on ‘How to build the ultimate marketing plan’, featured free alongside our exclusive webinar: the 5-step recipe for converting your warm leads before they go cold.

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