How to Analyse The Success of a Marketing Email

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, and can generate real results for nearly every type of business. But sending out emails alone isn’t good enough; you need to be able to sufficiently analyse their success.

Here are the statistics you’re looking for when starting to analyse your marketing emails:

Bounce Rate: The bounce rate is more of a test of your database than it is of the email itself. ‘Bounces’ are times when your email has not been delivered to your contact, and instead ‘bounced’ out of their inbox. This could occur when someone has left their company and their email address is no longer active, or could mean the email has been entered incorrectly in your database, among many other potential factors. If your bounce rate is high, it’s a good idea to look at cleansing your list.

Open Rate: This is the percentage of contacts receiving your email that actually opened it. Average open rates are industry specific, but a decent number to aim for is around 22%. The quality of your list (whether they know and trust your company enough) and your subject line are big contributing factors. If you aren’t sure how to write great subject lines, check out our blog ‘How to write the best email marketing subject lines’ for more information.

Click-through Rate: This is the percentage of contacts that not only opened your email, but also clicked on a link within the message. For the vast majority of emails, the goal will be to get contacts to head to a landing page, product page or your website, so this rate will help you to understand how successful you were with this aim. Again, average click-through rates will be industry specific (and will also be higher for certain types of messages like competitions) but you’ll most likely be looking at around 2-3%.

Unsubscribes: People who unsubscribe from your marketing messages, meaning you are no longer allowed to send them marketing unless you once again receive their permission, fall into this category. Inevitably, contacts will unsubscribe, but it’s important to keep on top of this number so that you aren’t losing too many marketable contacts from your list. Compare unsubscribe rates across different types of emails; there may be a certain kind that doesn’t resonate with your database at all, and you could prevent future losses by eliminating these messages from your mix.

Keep a close eye on all of these statistics, and you’ll know which of your messages were effective and which need additional work. A good marketing automation system like Infusionsoft will allow you to easily access all of these figures at the click of a button. With Infusionsoft, you can even split test different versions of your emails, giving you an even more comprehensive understanding of why certain messages were more effective.


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