Digital Discovery: Finding ways to sell more online

We recently hosted our very first free ‘Digital Discovery Workshop’ – our way of helping businesses of any size to learn how to sell more online. Because it was such a success (and a big thank you to everyone who came, despite the rain!), we’re sharing some of our most popular teachings with you, to help you discover a more successful digital presence.

Your online shop window: Your website is often the first way people will become acquainted with you online. If it isn’t optimised to capture their information straight away, they will leave and you will have lost out on a potential sale. Does your website display your phone number ‘above the fold’ (the area you can see of the screen before you have to scroll down)? Do you have a call to action (an instruction for visitors i.e. to call you) above the fold? If not, you might be losing out on customers.

If at first you don’t succeed: The beauty of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is that, if someone clicks on your advert but doesn’t buy, you don’t have to lose out. Remarketing is the act of essentially ‘following’ someone who has clicked, enabling your ad to appear on other sites they visit. Have you ever Googled a pair of shoes, clicked on the ad, and seen an ad for those shoes appear on Facebook the very next day? That’s remarketing: and it’s powerful. Try using intelligent remarketing to capture the people you otherwise would’ve lost.

Make it automatic: Marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to secure repeat business and brand new sales, but nurturing your customers and prospects can be time consuming. The busiest businesses use marketing automation software to send out targeted messages on their behalf to segments of their database. Depending upon their response, other messages can be triggered that nurture them towards a particular sale. When marketing automation is paired with database management, such as in our favourite system Infusionsoft, it becomes an even more vital offering as you can use buying history to send even more specific emails.

By keeping these elements of your online presence in mind, you’ll see a real increase in your digital interactions with customers. We shared plenty of other digital tricks and tips on our Digital Discovery Workshop… and the great news is that we’ll be hosting another workshop soon!

Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you’re the first to be told about our next event: call 01462 262359 or email today.