Create 25% More Time Today Using Marketing Automation

Today’s world demands you work with unwavering accuracy, absolute compliance and lightning speed.

This also applies to the buying cycle. Prospects and customers no longer have the patience or time to learn about your business or product details. They simply want to learn how it benefits them.

During the last 12 months, automation has played a big part within marketing campaigns in pretty much any industry. It has saved heaps of time and helped businesses to grow revenues and increase their profit lines.

The Geeks are often asked how automation software designed for sales and marketing can help save more time with internal processes. For example:

‘What else can automation support my business with?’

‘Is it possible to automate internal communication processes?’

‘Can you help automate my task priorities and set task lists for my staff – I want to be able to track progress and completion without asking?’

Well, it’s a really simple answer… YES!

When using a platform like Infusionsoft that has automated features, and your staff members all have access to a user account, it’s all quite simple.

To help you to save time using platforms like Infusionsoft, I have listed 3 process hacks that not only automate your workflow, but also save you time to do more important tasks – such as generating and keeping customers:

Process Hack 1: Create a ‘Q&A Objection Document’

If you don’t have an objection script, then now is the time to create one. It needn’t be difficult to develop: simply list common questions and/or objections asked by your prospects that occur during the sale cycle and write your best answer to cover them.

Create email templates and list the common questions/objections with answers listed beneath. Then create an automated email campaign to deliver the email templates as part of you nurturing.

Process Hack 2: Automate and Streamline your task-driven processes

Automatically create common tasks necessary for your business. Not only does this save time on task creation, it helps you stay organised since you can easily track all open tasks.

Process Hack 3: ‘Weekly Management Check-in’

Create automated and weekly scheduled emails that are sent internally, either reminding your employees of your weekly management call or asking for a run down of the their previous weeks’ activity. This will not only save you the effort of writing and sending the email once a week, but also help organise your schedule. The same rules can apply to any recurring meetings you may have.

Automation is extremely powerful and should always be considered as part of your business planning and strategies.

Please let me know other automation hacks that have worked in your business in the comments below.


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