Bringing your dog to work & other employee motivations

June 24th is Bring Your Dog To Work Day – a chance to bring your four-legged friend into the office to wreak havoc.

For FocusPoint Geeks, every day is that sort of day with our office dog Draig. Draig does much more than sniff around at lunch time: he’s also a great motivator.

He might not be a great motivator in the traditional sense (he doesn’t give particularly good rallying speeches), but having pets in the office actively helps improve employee motivation across the board. Stroking an animal is even proven to reduce blood pressure!

Here is our list of other employee motivations that can help any organisation, from SME through to large corporate, keep their staff happy and healthy.

1. Praise good work & offer constructive feedback

2. Offer team benefits like meals or activities

3. Keep lines of communication open between staff & managers

4. Be flexible around their work/life balance

5. Encourage each employee to work on their own projects too

6. Support the development of new ideas & innovations

7. Offer personal development through courses & training

8. Celebrate personal events like birthdays or weddings

9. Set realistic & attainable goals for each individual

10. Allow staff to see their opportunities for progression

11. Get rid of the blame culture

12. Offer mentoring & coaching

13. Manage expectations & changes

14. Set a good example

Keeping your employees motivated is as easy as ensuring their work remains fun and interesting, treating them like valued individuals, and supporting their personal and professional lives. By doing that, you’re guaranteeing long-serving and happy employees.

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