Brand building on a budget for SMEs

Your brand could be worth its weight in gold. A well-known, well-respected brand is a vital asset, and especially worth considering if you are one day looking to sell. Sure, SMEs aren’t afforded the same branding power as the global household names, but every big fish was little once.

Your brand heavily influences how your customers and prospects perceive you. It’s time to think about whether it’s saying what you really want it to say. Is your logo too out-dated for a bright, modern business? Are the colours you use really representing your values? Reviewing these points doesn’t need to cost you anything, and reprinting your collateral with a new logo and adapting your website to match can be staggered to spread out overheads. Simply adjust the items you use most often first.

Branding is all about consistency. Keeping your social media platforms, website and collateral looking as if they all come from the same family is important, but not necessarily costly. Updating social media is completely free: just make sure you’re using images correctly sized for each platform (we recommend this image-sizing guide).

If your website is letting you down, but you don’t have the know-how or the cash to hire a developer, try utilising a web template service such as Squarespace or Wix. With a bit of care and attention, these templates can look great and function well, and are a great short-term solution while the budget is tight.

Lastly, think about the elements of your brand that don’t cost much at all to improve, such as customer service. Great customer service makes up a strong part of your brand in itself, and making sure you’re always available, offering a great guarantee or returns policy, and going the extra mile for your customers are all cheap ways to provide an ‘above and beyond’ service and enhance your brand. Plus, loyal customers are likely to recommend you to a friend ­– and word of mouth is highly effective marketing… and free!

Branding doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking for more ways to market your SME, contact the experts at FocusPoint Geeks on 01462 262359 or