Battle of the Automation Software: Infusionsoft vs HubSpot

Two of the biggest and most powerful CRM & marketing automation systems on the market both claim to save you time and money – but which is the one you should really dig deep for?

Pros of HubSpot: 

  • An easy and intuitive platform
  • Free trial available
  • Lots of functionality all in one place, eliminating the need for multiple systems

Cons of HubSpot:

  • No ability to split test in the basic package – you’ll have to fork out for the PRO
  • A steep price creep makes a more affordable system costly with additional features
  • You’ll need to pay for any technical support you use
  • Some complaints around whether the stats and analytics are too simple and limiting

Pros of Infusionsoft:

  • A complete solution, including lead scoring, segmentation, analytics, invoices and in-depth marketing campaigns – meaning no other systems are required
  • Lots of opportunities for integration with other software
  • 24/7 online support
  • The ability to bring prospects in through data capture, and nurture them all the way through the pipeline to the sale and the up-sell
  • E-commerce capabilities for simple online selling
  • Complete CRM features including customer records

Cons of Infusionsoft:

  • Can be marginally more expensive than other systems
  • May seem complex to use without training or support
  • A detailed system can take longer to learn if you want to make the most of the vast amount of features 

Although it’s a close call between these two popular systems, for many SMEs, Infusionsoft offers the perfect blend of marketing & CRM features to really help boost sales and save vast amounts of time.

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