7 Social Media Tips for Absolute Beginners

By now, you’ve surely heard enough about social media to know your business really ought to be active on certain platforms if you want to stay ahead. But taking the plunge can be tricky for the uninitiated; how do you know what to do, what to say, and when to say it?

The Geeks have prepared 7 top tips for absolute beginners, to help you start creating a truly valuable social media presence for your business.

  1. Choose your platforms –

    It might be tempting to make an account on every single social media platform you can find, but spreading yourself too thinly guarantees you’ll struggle. Instead, pick 2 or 3 platforms to begin with. Try Twitter & Facebook if you’re B2C, and Twitter & LinkedIn if you’re B2B as a good starting point. If you’re selling products that look great in photographs, Instagram might also be worthwhile.

  1. Follow the right people –

    In the beginning, generating a good following starts with the people you follow. Follow influencers within your industry, local businesses and groups, and good reliable sources of industry news.

  1. Share interesting content –

    Social media isn’t about shameless self-promotion (at least, not all the time), it’s about sharing interesting content that your followers will find valuable. If you don’t have time to create your own blogs, articles or infographics, share some that other industry sources have produced.

  1. Don’t buy followers!

    Once you’re somewhat active on social media, you’ll likely receive offers from illicit accounts attempting to sell you followers. This is a pointless exercise and a waste of money; these followers won’t interact with you and won’t buy from you. Plus, if other people notice you’re followed by thousands of obviously fake accounts, they aren’t likely to think of you as a credible organisation.

  1. Post regularly, but don’t spam –

    Post on a regular basis (for example, once a day on Facebook & LinkedIn, 3 times a day on Twitter) but resist the temptation to post too often. This will be interpreted as spam, and will likely lose you followers.

  1. Make it personal –

    Social media is a place for people to connect, not brands. That’s why it’s important to share personal, cultural posts about yourself and your staff. If you’ve raised money for charity, shout about it! If your staff have dressed up for Halloween or decorated the office at Christmas, post about it. If a team member has reached a long-serving milestone, or has been rewarded with employee of the month, share a photo! Posts like this generally achieve good engagement rates.

  1. Engage with other people –

    It’s called social media for a reason; make sure you talk with other accounts and keep in constant dialogue with your followers. If you don’t respond to messages and reach out to others, you may as well not be using social media at all.

We really hope these tips help you to get started on social media – good luck generating followers!

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