5 top tips for winning glowing customer referrals

Last week, we shared our best advice for getting great testimonials from your customers (see last week’s blog). This time we’re looking at taking the process one step further, and actually winning business from your existing customers through the powerful tool of referrals.

1. Ask!

Generally, they won’t give you a referral unless you ask for one. It might seem a little awkward to ask for a referral at first, but think of it this way: if you’re truly proud of the job you’ve done for them, why shouldn’t they recommend you to a friend?

2. …At the right time

Ask for your referral right after you have delivered your service, in order to ‘strike while the iron is hot’. Following up in a month is all well and good, but the customer has likely forgotten how much they enjoyed your work and their referral may not be as effective, or they may be less likely to give one. It may even be a good idea to refer before your service is over.

3. Give them an incentive

We always want to know what’s in it for us. Giving your customers an incentive for referring, especially a cash incentive, is most likely to guarantee a good referral. Feel free to put a caveat in if you’re reluctant to give things away, e.g. the customer’s friend actually needs to sign up before they receive the incentive.

4. Go above and beyond

The simplest way to receive an organic referral is to go above and beyond for your customers, or ‘wow’ them. Try delivering products earlier than anticipated, offer free gifts or discount vouchers, and sincerely thank them for their custom. An impressed customer is much more likely to refer a friend.

5. Target the influential customers

Instead of asking every single customer for a referral, target those who are influencers in the industry. Give them a particularly enticing incentive or impress them even more than usual to ensure their referral. This kind of targeted approach ensures you won’t be wasting time or money on customers that may never generate any real additional business.


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