5 top tips for a powerful digital marketing strategy

A powerful digital marketing strategy can win you business, nurture your existing customers and encourage upsells and cross-sells, all from behind a screen. As advocates of digital marketing, here are some of our top tips for developing a digital strategy that makes a positive impact on your profits.

Who are you targeting?

Establish who your audience are before you decide what you’ll send to them. Make sure your messages are geared perfectly towards the people you want to buy from you. Are there multiple groups you’re seeking business from? Simple – develop multiple messages! Go for the ‘sniper’ approach as opposed to the ‘shotgun’ and target as specific a group as possible. If you’re unsure of your audience, some market research might come in handy.

Plan it all out

Having a marketing plan is the key to simple, measurable success. As a quick overview, the areas to include in your marketing plan are: goals & objectives, target customers, USP & competition, marketing mix, communications (including types of communication & messages), and how you’ll monitor progress. If all this seems a bit overwhelming, FocusPoint Geeks can offer some impartial advice.

Keep it clear & concise

The digital age has caused our attention spans to wane, and you need to keep this in mind when sending out your digital marketing. Keep it short and sweet wherever possible, make the headline pack a punch, and definitely use imagery.

Make it responsive

Now that the majority of emails are actually opened on mobile devices, if your digital marketing isn’t responsive, you’re already alienating a huge chunk of your audience. Plus, if your website isn’t already responsive, you’ll be actively penalised by Google and less likely to show up on searches.

Automate it!

The beauty of digital marketing over other traditional forms is its ability to be automatic. Marketing automation software is cost-effective and simple to use, and will enable you to make your entire campaigns automatic. We recommend Infusionsoft for this as it allows you to keep complete control and transparency, but lots of other pieces of software are available.

Give your digital strategy a refresh, and your online marketing efforts will soon start bringing you bigger revenues and better profits.

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