5 steps to asking for a terrific testimonial

If you want to prove your worth to potential clients and overcome buying objections, there is one free and sure-fire way to do so: testimonials.

Getting a good testimonial, one that answers questions your prospects will have and allays concerns, is trickier than simply asking in general. You have to know what specifically to ask to generate the response you’re looking for.


1. What objections would have prevented you from buying this product/service?

Asking this question is particularly important, as it helps to address obstacles other potential customers may also be coming up against.


2. What was the outcome of buying this product/service?

This question is intended to find out what happened as a result of their purchase.


3. What is the biggest benefit that this product provides?

This question should demonstrate the major benefit of buying from your business. Did they save large amounts of time or money? Were they able to achieve a goal or perform a task?


4. What specific feature(s) did you like the most?

Encouraging your customer to be specific will generate a far more useful testimonial, and will enable you to shout about beneficial features of your product or service.


5. Why would you recommend this product/service?

Asking why, and not simply if, they would recommend your product guarantees a more specific answer. If it helps, phrase this question as, “If you were recommending this product/service to a friend, what would you say?”.


By asking targeted questions to your customers, you’ll receive testimonials that are not only naturally more detailed and in-depth, but are also useful in a variety of ways. Don’t forget to ask your customer if you’re able to use their name (and business name, if applicable) alongside their testimonial in your marketing.

Top tip: Video testimonials work brilliantly, and these questions can easily apply to that format, too. Putting a face to the name boosts credibility and makes your testimonials seem all the more legitimate.


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