5 LinkedIn Mistakes That Will Cost You Business

LinkedIn is now a powerful tool for generating and nurturing business, and as such, it is easier than ever to make mistakes on the platform that will cost you potential customers.

Here are 5 of those mistakes… are you making any of them?

Using an ‘unusual’ profile picture

Not having a photo on your LinkedIn profile is only marginally worse than having an unprofessional one. As tempting as it is to have a photo with your child or pet in the shot, a photo from a great night out, or a photo that isn’t actually of you, those things can actually put customers off. If possible, have a headshot taken, or use a relevant and professional photo if not.

It’s not Facebook!

Posting things inappropriate for the platform is a sure-fire way to turn business away. This is not the place to post your latest holiday snap or link to a hilarious video of a cat falling over. It is, however, the perfect place to post insightful articles, your own thought pieces, or industry news.

Not joining in with the conversation

It’s cliché, but it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. If you aren’t joining in with conversations, commenting on posts and adding your own, you’re missing out. Start by sharing articles you like and commenting on the items others have shared. Ask questions and seek opinions, and you’ll find people begin to talk back.

Not filling in your profile

You wouldn’t leave areas of your CV blank, so don’t leave areas of your LinkedIn profile incomplete. This means detailing responsibilities in past positions, posting a summary, and utilising your headline. A completed profile means that people can more easily see whether or not there is scope for you to work together.

Connecting without sending a personalised message

When you send a connection request, LinkedIn provides a default message that asks the individual to connect with you. By not personalising this message, you’re missing out on making a great first impression. People are much more likely to respond positively to a personal message that includes their name, a reason for connecting, and perhaps an observation on their company or profile.

By avoiding these LinkedIn mistakes, your profile and presence may soon start generating you business.

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