5 Copywriting Mistakes That Won’t Make You Money

Anyone can write good copy that will make you money (see Focus7’s blog How to write content that gets you customers), but there are certain mistakes – made more often than you think – that won’t win you business at all.

Here is our top 5:

Not having a strong headline

Whether the subject line of an email or the headline of an article, those first few precious words are your chance to get your copy read. Keep your headline short, sharp & relevant. Some copywriters argue that 50% of all time spent on your content should be spent on the headline.

Only talking about yourself

There’s a saying, “don’t ‘we’ all over your copy”. Essentially, it means don’t talk about yourself and your business too much in your content. Take a look at the piece you’re trying to write. If every sentence starts with ‘We’, ‘Our’ or your company name, you’re likely not focusing enough on your potential customer. Think about their wants & needs. “We provide a great next day delivery service” could be better phrased as “You’ll receive your products the next day without hassle.” 

Talking to the wrong audience

Pitching your piece at the wrong audience is an error that renders your copy completely useless. Think carefully about who you’re targeting. If your audience are novices, using complex industry jargon won’t help. Know who you want to target before you write your piece.

Not including a call to action

A call to action, or CTA, is essentially an instruction that you’re giving in your piece to let your audience know what you want them to do. For example, ‘Click here now to claim your prize’ or ‘Enter your details now or risk missing out’. An effective CTA should be clear and direct, and leaving one out is unlikely to generate any results.

Not featuring a compelling offer

When someone reads your piece, the benefits that you’ve described may not be enough to convince them to act. That’s why you need a compelling incentive, usually in the form of an offer, that might just get them to pick up the phone. Typically, free gifts, discount vouchers or entry into a competition are some of the most convincing incentives, but if you’re B2B, offering a free consultation could suffice.

By avoiding these mistakes, and by having a little confidence in what you’re writing, you’ll be closer to creating copy that sells.

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