4-Step Strategy for Facebook Success

Many businesses question the commercial benefit of a Facebook presence as they see engagement decreasing, return on investment hard to quantify and key measurements such as ‘likes’, ‘views’ and ‘shares’ plateaued.

Is this you?

If you find yourself in this position, take a moment to consider whether it is your strategy and not the platform that is the issue. When our clients ask us for Facebook advice, these are the key points we go through to discover where the disconnect is.

Understand your audience

You understand who your target market is for your products and services, but are these the people that you are attracting to your Facebook page?

At all times, it is imperative to remember who your ‘avatar’ is i.e. who your target buyer is and what floats their boat. Without this in mind, you cannot run a successful social media strategy. It is crucial to remember who you are talking to so you can answer their questions, address their concerns, and share content which is relevant and exciting to them.

Once you understand the largest segment of your audience, you can branch out into looking at smaller segments. Once you have a deeper understanding of who these people are and what influences them, you can start being creative with how to communicate with them. Forget about marketing and start conversations! Tell stories, and fit your activity to them.

Facebook prospects just don’t care

Other than the customers and associates who make up the bulk of ‘likes’ for your Facebook page, understand that generally speaking, people just don’t care about your brand; they care about their own needs and interests and how that brand can answer to those needs.

Most people follow very few brand pages, and those they do follow are particularly rewarding to them, so give people a convincing reason to stick around. For example, Starbucks and Pizza Express reward interactions online with discounts and special offers, while Virgin Holidays give people the opportunity to enter giveaways every day for once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

What can you give them that they can’t find anywhere else?

Conduct a Facebook page audit.

Now you understand your buyer and target audience, re-visit your existing Facebook page. Do you think it would appeal to them? What reasons are you giving them to engage? Whose interests are you promoting – yours or theirs?

Those who think of social media as a marketing tool are often caught short. It’s in the name – SOCIAL media! People expect interaction and conversation, not just broadcast messages. It’s not about you – it’s about them!

Take a critical look at your page from an “outsider” perspective. Better still, why not ask for feedback from your customers and prospects? You never know what you might find out!

Ensure your marketing strategy matches your Facebook activity!

This is essential. Set yourself clear targets in your marketing strategy and ensure your Facebook activity aligns with them. Within this though, you must remember your brand’s image, tone-of-voice and style. Stay consistent, wherever your messages are being posted.

Be cautious and remember at all times that Facebook is a personal and sociable platform. Stick to the well known 80/20 rule – 80% conversation and/or entertainment, 20% service and/or product promotion. The key is creating content that is likable, shareable and comment worthy.

What will you be changing about your page first?

If you would like any further guidance into the world of social media, and would like support on the development of new pages for your business, or re-vamping old pages, let the Geek Squad know and we’ll be happy to help! If you are looking for a little helping hand click here and download a copy of our ebook: