3 Ways to Thrive, Not Just Survive in 2016 (Part 2)

In my last blog, I spoke about my top 3 tips to helping your business thrive in 2016

My final tip was to create a customer acquisition KPI template and, as promised, here is your free template to complete.

If you don’t use software like Infusionsoft to track results then click here to download our Excel template. For now, I will assume you are using the Excel template

  1. Firstly, you need to input all your lead sources into column A (lead source are marketing pillars used to provide you with a traffic of prospective buyers).
  2. Secondly, you need to input each of the costs to each lead source into column B (If you haven’t spent anything, then input what you have budgeted for the month and then update the true spend at the end of the month).
  3. Column C is to track the amount of leads captured by each lead source (advertising platforms such Google, Facebook and LinkedIn will provide you the analytics needed to find this number).
  4. Column D is to track the spend cost to generate leads (again, advertising platforms such Google, Facebook and LinkedIn will provide you the analytics needed to find this number).
  5. Column E is to track how many leads have converted into customers (if you have a sales team, you will need to make sure, and make compulsory, they ask where your leads found your business, if you are using a CRM like Infusionsoft, then you will need to create a report that will deliver lead source results).
  6. Column F is to track the revenue generated from each sale that the lead source delivered.
  7. The last column, column G will deliver as a percentage, your ROI for each lead source. You do not need to input anything as the excel sheet has been pre formulated to show the results.
  8. Now this is a very basic KPI, and once you start to create multiple lead magnets, you will want to create sub lead source reports to measure how each lead magnet is working for you.

As a final note, I prefer to measure results by the week. This not only allows you to make decisions weekly, but identify any particular performing trends.

Complete this template and use the tips from my previous blog, and you’re well on your way to a business that isn’t simply surviving in 2016.

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