3 sure-fire ways to get more views on LinkedIn

3 sure-fire ways to get more views on linkedin

LinkedIn is an invaluable and compulsory tool for any businessperson, especially owners and directors of small to medium-sized businesses. On LinkedIn, your profile is your own personal shop window, and you want to grab the attention of as many passers-by as possible.

Here are our top 3 sure-fire ways to get more profile views on LinkedIn:

Update your headline & summary

Your headline doesn’t simply need to be your job title, and your summary shouldn’t simply be a parroted version of your job description. These areas are perfect for filling with keywords that other people will be searching for. The more of these keywords you use, the more likely you are to be found. Try something like, “Expert in marketing, SEO, PR and communication based in Central London.” Remember: your summary is not just a great place to brag (and demonstrate a little personality!), but also to promote your business.

Like, comment on and share valuable content

LinkedIn isn’t just about shameless self-promotion, but also about participating in real discussion with other users. If you see some content you think your network might want to view, share it along with your own opinion of what you’ve read, and encourage a conversation. Comment on the posts of others with something insightful, preferably demonstrating your own expertise with a reasoned and valuable opinion. In doing so, you are more likely to attract the attention of industry-relevant users who’ll click on your profile to see what you’re all about.

Post your own blogs on Pulse

Pulse is LinkedIn’s own blogging platform, and these days almost everyone is at it. You don’t have to be an established thought leader or multimillionaire to have your opinions heard. If you’ve been in your industry a long time or have a unique insight on a particular topic, you’re likely to meet with reasonable success on Pulse. Make sure your headline is catchy and your topic is something you think others are interested in, and the views will start flooding in. (Don’t forget, the end of your blog is also a great place to plug your website.)

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