3 Marketing Myths… and why you should ignore them

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding marketing, and false belief in these ideas can seriously restrict your ability to create effective marketing that generates results.

In our experience, here are 3 marketing myths that you might have heard before… but really ought to ignore.

1) Our product is cheaper… so it’ll easily sell!

Price alone is one of the worst USP (Unique Selling Propositions) to hinge your marketing on. This is simply because, not only can you easily be undercut and your customers lured away, but a low price does not necessarily translate into a powerful brand. If no one knows who you are, they can’t buy from you. Spend a little time on cultivating a strong brand identity and a better USP before you focus on price.

2) It worked for another company, so it’ll work for us too!

If only it were that easy! Even within a specific industry, what has worked for one brand won’t necessarily work for another. This is especially true if you’re comparing your own SME with a global powerhouse. For household name brands, marketing can sometimes be as easy as flaunting photos of their newest product (think Apple’s iPhone ads), but this is highly unlikely to work for a smaller business. Your audience, products and USP are all unique to you. Develop a marketing strategy that works specifically for your business, and don’t rely on what has worked for others to get you by.

3) Our marketing looks great, so it must work!

In this world, you can be forgiven for thinking that looks are everything. But, when it comes to getting people to part with their cash, marketing needs to be a little more sophisticated. When looking at your marketing, always ask: ‘So what?’ What advantage does your product give your audience? What benefits are you demonstrating? Does the message you’re trying to convey actually hold any value for your audience? Why should they listen to you and spend money with you over your competitors? Couple your great graphics with meaningful strategy, and you’ll go far.

Disregard those marketing myths and begin forging your own path to a cohesive, effective marketing plan… and you’ll begin to see some truly powerful results.

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