3 Marketing Lessons from Star Wars

With the popular release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, a brand new buzz of excited energy has risen up from long-time Star Wars fans. Much like Jurassic Park did with its recent sequel, any franchise that can spawn this level of energy after such a long time is clearly doing something right. Here are 3 marketing lessons from Star Wars:

Promotion across every media

Marketing for the most recent Star Wars movie had a luxury afforded to hardly any of the others: the internet. Most importantly, activity across social media generated real traction and excitement for the film’s release. Star Wars used a great blend of video, imagery and text content to suit each social media platform, alongside the traditional offline marketing and trailers. This cohesion, and such a platform-specific approach, meant fans were successfully greeted with the movie everywhere they went. Implement this ideology into your own marketing: create specific content for your website, your blog, and any social media platforms that you’re active on.

Keeping audiences engaged

Some die-hard fans always kept Star Wars close to their hearts, but for most, the franchise was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Getting audiences engaged, and keeping them that way, was the result of careful nurturing. The release of promotional shots, then teaser trailers, then full-length trailers, excited countdowns on social media, articles predicting what might happen, and finally to branding stunts with other companies. This nurture sequence lasted right up until the film’s release, and then some. Surprisingly, replicating a detailed customer nurture is far, far away from being impossible in your own marketing with automation software.

Repetition means recognition

Loyalty and recognition is born through the repeated use of a brand. Star Wars has wisely chosen not to deviate from its established brand, using a similar logo, similar scoring and tone, and even bringing back many of the most loved characters. By repeating many of the qualities used in the classic films, and including a large number of references to the older episodes, they were able to maintain a distinct brand loyalty. Using cohesive branding to encourage customer recognition is vitally important in your own business. When it comes to your email marketing, try sticking to a particular template or theme, and establish a tone of voice, to ensure potential customers know that your marketing is yours.

You may not be a multi-million dollar franchise, but there is still plenty to learn from Star Wars that could certainly be applicable to your business. Doubting whether it would work for you? In the words of Darth Vader, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

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