10 reasons why successful businesses use a CRM

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a piece of software that captures and retains customer and prospect data, and the best systems also automate elements of sales & marketing to help nurture these contacts.

Successful businesses around the world rely on CRMs on a daily basis, and here are the reasons why.

  1. Keeping contact records in the same place –

    Each salesperson having their own Excel spread sheet simply won’t cut it for a business that wants to be successful. Centralising contact records means that no potential sales slip through the cracks, and everyone can be messaged to. 

  1. Data is accessible wherever you are –

    Cloud-based CRMs mean that your customer data is accessible whether you’re in the office, in the field, or working from home. You’re able to update customer records straight after your meeting, and plan the next phone call on the go.

  1. Data is secure & protected –

    CRM systems lock your data away behind a user login, meaning not just anyone can access your data. For any successful business, their list is a hugely valuable asset, and so protecting it from prying eyes is key. Not to mention, data protection legislation now means businesses must take extra steps to secure client data.

  1. Automate your sales pipeline –

    Certain CRM systems like Infusionsoft have sales pipeline automation capabilities, meaning you can track how far along the buying cycle your prospect is, and tasks are automatically generated to ensure you never miss closing a sale.

  1. Forecast your sales with accuracy –

    Systems with sales pipeline automation also allow you to forecast your sales. Simply enter the minimum & maximum value of the potential sale, and when it is likely to happen, and your CRM will intelligently project your monthly forecasts.

  1. Send great marketing automatically –

    CRM systems like Infusionsoft offer marketing automation too: the capability to send carefully constructed campaigns to certain segments of your database. These campaigns then trigger other actions to happen, meaning prospects are nurtured towards the sale, customers are retained and upsold to, and dormant accounts are reactivated. 

  1. Get clarity on your KPIs –

    Without reporting on your KPIs, knowing whether you are successful in your sales and marketing efforts is impossible. Strong businesses use their CRMs to generate reports and monitor their Key Performance Indicators closely, identifying the areas they could improve upon and the areas they succeeded in. These reports can be as specific as looking at a single email to examine the open rate and click-through rate.

  2. Increased transparency & control –

    The best businesses use their CRM system to offer a comprehensive overview of their sales, marketing, the tasks their employees need to complete, the status of their database, and their customer retention. This increased control means they can react quickly to any potential issues.

  1. Saving vast amounts of time –

    One of the biggest benefits to having a CRM is the amount of time saved on previously time-consuming tasks such as sending marketing, keeping track of sales processes and segmenting data. For this reason, sales & marketing departments in successful businesses find the tool invaluable.

  1. It makes you money –

    By not allowing potential customers to slip through the cracks, through utilising sales & marketing automation, you will secure more sales. It’s as simple as that!

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