Attract more customers, save vast amounts of time, and generate more revenue than ever before with the #1 sales and marketing software designed exclusively for SMEs – Infusionsoft.

As Certified Infusionsoft Partners, the FocusPoint Geeks will provide the solution and the training to enable you to propel your prospects through to the sale, without allowing them to slip through any cracks along the way.

Do you have trouble grabbing visitors’ details?

Are you struggling to convert prospects into customers?

Would you like to maximise customer spend and profits?

How can Infusionsoft help?

Infusionsoft is a Customer Relationship Management system with integrated ecommerce, sales & marketing automation capabilities, designed to give you more revenue, time and control.

Harness the power of intelligent software to organise your contacts, easily transform leads into customers, and nurture existing clients into loyal supporters. Generate more revenue with an easily implemented solution that dramatically improves the effectiveness of your sales & marketing.

Whether the gaps in your business stem from disengaged customers, difficulty converting prospects, or lack of database organisation – Infusionsoft offers the answer.

Increase your customer base

Nurture contact relationships

Sell more to existing customers

Monitor and increase your ROI

Convert more sales

Zero maintentance marketing

Sell online

Gain more referrals

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See immediate return with our Infusionsoft packages

For a quick return on time and money

Designed for business owners looking to accelerate returns on the time and money invested in their business. This package Geeks up your marketing by giving you the basics needed to run your own automated digital sales and marketing funnels, whilst showing you how to look after your most important asset – your database. You’ll receive the intelligent software and detailed training, allowing you to execute your very own sales & marketing strategy.

For securing more leads and more sales

Perfect for entrepreneurial business owners or sales and marketing directors wanting more leads and more sales. You like the idea of being able to discuss your ideas and strategies with like-minded marketing experts. This package not only Geeks up your marketing and provides you with the best toolset for your database, but delivers an extra helping hand with 5 hours of marketing support.

For real support from the right people 

As an entrepreneur you understand that, in order to be successful, you must have the right people and systems in place to support you. But finding these things can be timely and costly. Geek Elite is a viable alternative, ensuring that you have access to the solutions that will truly ignite your business growth. After all, in business, there is no such thing as settling for second best. This package includes ‘done for you’ marketing campaigns, created by an award-winning team.



Cost £149.28/mo

Marketing Automation
2500 Contacts
12,500 monthly emails
3 Users

ON 01462 262359



Cost £224.29/mo

Marketing Automation
Sales Automation or
5,000 Contacts
25,000 monthly emails
4 Users
ON 01462 262359



Cost £284.30/mo

Marketing Automation
Sales Automation
10,000 Contacts
50,000 monthly emails
5 Users
ON 01462 262359



Cost £449.33/mo

Marketing Automation
Sales Automation
20,000 Contacts
100,000 monthly emails
10 Users
ON 01462 262359

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As an entrepreneur you understand that, in order to be successful, you must have the right people and systems in place to support you. But finding these things can be timely and costly. Geek Elite is a viable alternative for entrepreneurial-minded people like you, ensuring that you have access to the solutions that will truly ignite your business growth. After all, in business, there is no such thing as settling for second best.

About Us

We are the marketing geek squad with over 100 years’ collective experience providing consultation and automated marketing programmes, specifically designed to help grow businesses like yours. Our primary goal is to help businesses manage and market themselves more effectively, and to stop them leaking leads, leaking customers and leaking sales. By offering integrated CRM, marketing and e-commerce solutions, we provide comprehensive packages that, when coupled with the implementation of proven strategies and techniques, can really help build the profitability of your business.

We are Certified consultants for Infusionsoft: the only combined sales, CRM and marketing software engineered for small and medium sized businesses. You’ll make capturing and converting customers a more efficient task, allowing you to spend your time on what really matters – building your business.

Call 01462 262359 today and book a free 30 minute consultation with one of our experts.

Taking your business to the next level

The ingenious assistance that the Geeks provide doesn’t stop at Infusionsoft support. As part of the larger enterprise Focus7 International, FocusPoint Geeks make the most of your Infusionsoft package through Focus7’s other exclusive services – made completely bespoke to your business. For a tailored programme containing any combination of these elements, discover our fellow Geeks at Focus7. Focus7 is a business growth agency, bringing together strategy, impactful design and technological efficiency to think, create and deliver the best solutions for your business.


The Creative Geeks can provide unique managed marketing campaigns, designed and written to suit the aims of your business. We can provide support across all elements of your marketing, from refreshing your brand to designing your website, and building your offline presence with brochures, newsletters and exhibition stands.


The Telemarketing Geeks offer front-line sales support, data cleansing and customer nurturing. Supported by the automation within Infusionsoft, the Geeks work to ensure that no potential customer is left untapped.

Business Intelligence

Our Intelligence Geeks assist with all elements of account review, gap analysis & support, alongside writing and winning tenders. Access a highly experienced team that has won over £100m in business for clients.

Strategy & Training

Discover a planned marketing strategy that works for you, with defined short and long-term goals engineered to help your business achieve its aims. Utilise sales training to improve the effectiveness of your team – and grow their confidence whilst growing your revenue.

The Geek Squad

James Cook


As Digital Services Director of the Geeks, James is an experienced Infusionsoft Certified Partner, whose digital marketing strategies have helped businesses of all sizes to boost profitability.

Dawn Saltmer


Dawn leads the technical team in onboarding, training and optimising Infusionsoft apps to suit client requirements. Her detailed understanding of the system enables the Geeks to push boundaries and develop intricate campaigns.

Sarah Westbury

Sarah has strong technical skills and excellent data analysis capabilities, with a keen eye for detail. Sarah helps to ensure smooth delivery, and her reports help clients to fully see their substantial results.

Kyle Hunter

Kyle helps to build campaigns within Infusionsoft, tests campaigns to mitigate any risk for the client, and skilfully handles technological queries.

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